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New and wonderful things: Chorus and Aikido

This semester is my last semester to study at Eden Theological Seminary. I can't believe it though! Two years ago, every time I saw an air plane flying in the sky I used to think, "I want to go back to Japan. It's too hard to stay alone with people who speak different language and do things differently. And everything is big and large. Scary."

Now, I really really like here! I am even scared of going back to my home country, Japan because I know there is very few LGBT-friendly church.

I feel I'm not welcomed from Japan's church and society as lesbian Christian pastor.

Anyway, I have started joining chorus group this year. One of my friends invited me there. I enjoy it a lot. Singing in English is a little bit difficult but I like singing. Music has power which encourages people to be happy.

The other new thing is Aikido, Japanese martial arts. My friend's wife invited me to the Aikido Dojo. I love it. Aikido teacher, Sensei is upright and interesting person. My Senpai is kind and interesting, too. They celebrated my birthday. The funniest night!

In addition, I could start working at the bookstore again.

Everything in my life seemed to be destroyed last November. But now, everything is getting to be settled step by step. What wonderful things God does for me!

I appreciate my friend's compassionate support, too.

In today's class, the Book of Isaiah, I learned that the idea of salvation in the Old Testament is not like going to heaven or hell something but rather it is restoration of the destructive past states.

I had already learned the meaning of the word salvation indicates "health" in Soteriology class.

Salvation is deliverance. But it's not just going to heaven.

I am feeling saved right now here.

Thanks be to God.

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American Constitution and Religion

Today's lecture was really interesting. Although I might not understand all of the vocabulary of the law. In the United States, freedom of religious exercise is protected by the Constitution. We discussed some particular cases concerning American flag inside/outside church, offering prayer in city council, and commercial services/sales to GLBT community - Right to refuse on free exercises gods.

I was interested in how the Supreme Court define "religion." They regard "sincerity" as the important fact and how the Americans think seriously about religious freedom and equality.

Religious Sincerity and Equality. That idea still the Japanese may have to learn, I think.

This lecture was special opportunity to think about the relationship between theology and the Constitution. I should study our Japan's Constitution with theological reflection, too.

I just want to introduce this woman today (because I'm sleepy.).

Beate Sirota Gordon who was the only woman worked for making the Japan's Constitution.


Beate Sirota Gordon, interpreter of Japan to Americans, died on December 30th, aged 89, Jan 12th 2013


About Beate Sirota Gordon

Beate Gordon, Long-Unsung Heroine of Japanese Women’s Rights, Dies at 89
Published: January 1, 2013


Anpanman ... Goat Meat

I had a children's class at church today. I read a Japanese children's book "Anpan-man" which is about "Red-bean Bread hero" and his friends. I also explained about the author Takashi Yanase who suffered from hunger when he was a soldier during World War II. He thought that hero was not the person who could fight against someone but the one who could share food for the hungry and the needy. He was one of a few Christians in Japan and passed away last year.

The kids were very quiet and concentrated my story. I was so impressed.

In the Anpan-man story, this hero has never killed or defeated their enemy, "Baikin-man." Rather, Anpan-man tells Baikin-man what is wrong. Primary important thing for Anpan-man is to help people. I think this is based on the idea of Christianity. Sharing red bean bread!

By the way, I had a supper with my Kenyan friends this evening. They offered goat meat. I ate goat meat for the first time! It was good and special.








Life Love Grace


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I'm back to Twitter and Blogger today, February 22, 2014!!!
In addition, I create my website.

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I will write about myself more in my website and will offer Daily Devotion resource in my blog.


I'm going to write both English and Japanese. If my English doesn't make sense or strange, let me know please!!!

Keep in touch with me. Best Regards.

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