Stand by

Finally got a new job. My life is always changing since I graduated university. This job is a good beginning I feel. I’m getting to be accustomed to Japan’s life though sometimes having homesick still.

Especially this month, the saddest news came from my second hometown St.Louis. The Ferguson gun shooting caused lots of pain in the city. I feel really sad. It’s too painful to accept Micheal Brown’s death. Also, it IS injustice.

Ferguson: City under siege

AL Jazeera English

Prayers for Brown family. Prayers for those who are taking action against injustice. My support is limited. Just posted photos on my facebook in order to spread it out to Japan and the world. But I remember it everyday.

Don’t Shoot! We stand up for St.Louis from Iwate, Japan

I’m thinking recently who I’d like to stand by and who can stand by for me. Primarily God is always stand by me no matter what happens in my life, I believe. How could I believe it? Because I met lots of friends who believe that God is Love in the U.S.

And I have been given special support from Japanese pastors and church members in Morioka.

God’s people is loving people. We aspire justice and love.