New Place, New Hope

 I knew God has a great plan for me but I was a bit down because most secular job I applied in this 2 weeks had been failed. I just always don’t know God's time. God knows me and God is good all the time. God gives me something good anytime.

Finally, I got a part-time job until next March. I hope to have a placement to work as pastor in Japan’s church from next April. (Japan’s business year starts April.)

I’m doing so fine, gaining weight. The pastors and church who offers my room in their parish house are one of the kindest people I ever met before. They know my sexuality and that’s no problem for them. I can live without fear as openly-lesbian.

Also, I got a new LGBT Christian friend in this church! That’s amazing. This person came to church when I attended the worship for the first time. What a coincidence! That’s so cool!

And I joined a lesbian and transgender meeting at a bar last week. Surprisingly, there were about 20 lesbian, Female to Male transgender, and bisexual youth there. Most of them thought I was like late-20s but I was the oldest in that group. Everyone seemed to be happy. I enjoyed it!

I’m having several new Japanese lesbian friends, too. That’s excited. :)
My homesick to my second home, St.Louis won’t be cured forever though, my life is getting better.

Thank you God.
Thanks my friends.

I’m so grateful for being alive.