Where the Risk Come From

If I was not Christian in Japan,
If I was not taught exclusive Christian idea in my teenage,

If I was not woman,
If I was not openly-gay,

risk and difficulty I have now might be lower?

Being Christian in Japan costs something because majority of Japanese is non-religious or Buddhist and Shinto. If I was pastor's child, I could get advantage in Japanese Christian society but I'm not.

Being taught that Christians are the only people who God saves is traumatic experience as a child. My extended family and most of my friends are not Christian.

Being woman in Japan is obviously disadvantage. The gap of entire income between man and woman in Japan is huge.

"Even for younger workers the gender pay gap is 15%, and it increases to around 40% for those over 40. Japanese women have great difficulty to rise to the top and less than 5% of listed company board members in Japan are women, one of the lowest proportions among OECD countries."

- Closing the Gender Gap Act Now Japan OECD

"This year’s Global Gender Gap Report ranks Japan at 105th among 136 countries, its worst showing since the WEF started the survey in 2006. Japan ranked 101st last year.

The drop was mainly due to a decrease in the number of female lawmakers, the report says. Of the 722 lawmakers in both chambers of the Diet, only 77 are women.

The ranking is based on numerical analyses of women’s status in finances, education, politics and health. Japan scored especially poor in politics, ranked at 118th in the world."

- Japan's poor gender gap worsening, WEF survey finds by Mizuho Aoki, The Japan Times (Oct 25, 2013)

Recently it is said that the only way of surviving Japan as the poor class women is to work in kind of prostitution industry.

Is Japan really developed country?

Being lesbian + Christian clergy in Japan is almost miserable. There are very few seats as pastor. No one want to get involved in considering the hidden "LGBT issue." People don't say clear discriminative words against LGBT so that they would think they're not exclusive. However, in the same time, how can they be ally without supporting LGBT? They are just observers who don't support even though they don't argue against.

Doing nothing and being neutral is kind of Japanese virtue. The neutral attitude creates harmony in the community and it is peaceful.

In some sense, it is true.

But... that idea of harmony puts a heavy lid on the LGBT issue.

"If you do Not come out as gay, you will be able to live peacefully. You do not have to create conflict against congregation."

Really? Seriously?

Do you say the same suggestion to male heterosexual pastor?

Have you ever been suggested to live as a person who is not real self?

Is that Gospel?

I do not want to live a lying life.


If you were not Christian in Japan,
If you were not woman,
If you were not openly-gay,

If you were NOT young female openly-gay Christian Japanese pastor, risk and difficulty you have now is much lower than me.

I need support. I do not need oppression.

I'm a bit tired of this situation but trust God.
The Holy Spirit is working for me between the Christian communities.
I also believe people's conscience.

The only thing I can do is to go forward with patience.
Do not give up myself.

alejandro cañizares (creative commons)