Real Resident Evil

Sudden rejection without any explanation.
Rescheduling several appointments right before the time.
No words of apology.
Cheating and Tweeting while I was waiting.
Dishonoring engagement.

Violating commitment.

Finally she just sent back my package for our daughter's Christmas present.
Again, no explanation.

That's too enough.
It's tough.

I can't believe such a horrible treacherous act.
God loves us. So I know God loves her, too.
But the betrayal is not good. Obviously.

It is no longer like human but sounds like evil.
For the first time in my life, I may become to believe evil force.

I have never thought there is real evil or enemy in our world before.
I still do not think we have real enemy in our life.
In my opinion, we create our enemy each other. That is human sin.
However, this experience... this person... sounds like just real resident evil.