Preaching in the Second Language

I will preach tomorrow morning!

I realized that I am the only one who regularly preach in the second language in my school. That's cool!!!

Living in midwest of the United States for three years changed my mind a lot. Now it's much comfortable to read theological book in English. I have never quote Jurgen Moltmann, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and H. Richard Niebuhr for my Japanese sermon because I thought these theological words in Japanese translation were just unfamiliar to many Japanese people including myself.

My sermon in English may have different impression compare to my Japanese sermon.

Since this modern world has been already global community, especially Christian church, I think it's necessary to be able to communicate with people in English.

I heard some Asian elders said that English is not the only language in the world so that Americans have to learn Asian language or something like that.

Mmm... I don't agree. No matter good or bad, English apparently became kind of communal language in the world. African and European people speak it, too. I know Asian languages are more difficult to learn for English speakers because of unfamiliarity and less opportunities to know it in compulsory education system.

How can Japanese language be communal language in the world?

I am so grateful for the opportunities of preaching in English!!! And I am so happy that I am able to write my sermon in the second language.

AJ Alfieri-Crispin (Creative Commons)