Great pains but all in vain.

Literally, I have been experiencing this proverb since last November.

It was a good opportunity to reflect my theological anthropology. I think my understanding of human being was too higher. I trusted almost every one I met. I believed human's sincerity in their saying. It means that I just believed if someone said I promise you. It should be "I promise you." I didn't imagine the person who promised everything by her/himself broke everything.

Human mind is changing. I agree. But I can't agree unreasonable offense.

Aikido, Japanese martial arts is self-defense technic. I've started leaning it. It is not only practice but also kind of physical philosophy. I really like the idea of protecting self without hurting an opponent.

Today I practiced "Ukenagashi," means "parrying an attack." Maintaining my original body structure is important.

It can be applied to mental attack. Mental attack may be more increasing in this modern society.

Inappropriate and irresponsible behavior.
Defiant attitude.
No self-reflection.
Vain splender.

I still hold a bit higher anthropology, human being is created as God's image so that we can participate God's work and we can change our social structure, but from now on, I have to consider individual sinfulness in addition to structural sinfulness.

Human's weakness is not sin. However, tendency of being destructive might be considered as sin...

And if I do not want to hurt anyone, I should...
Be faithful,
Be brave not to lie = Be honest,
Be responsible,
Explain or try to do something before the betrayal,
Pay attention to self-tendency,
Be critical myself,
Speak up,

Self-awareness of my body relates to my spiritual and mental awareness so I like Aikido.

Ben Cane (Creative Commons)