New and wonderful things: Chorus and Aikido

This semester is my last semester to study at Eden Theological Seminary. I can't believe it though! Two years ago, every time I saw an air plane flying in the sky I used to think, "I want to go back to Japan. It's too hard to stay alone with people who speak different language and do things differently. And everything is big and large. Scary."

Now, I really really like here! I am even scared of going back to my home country, Japan because I know there is very few LGBT-friendly church.

I feel I'm not welcomed from Japan's church and society as lesbian Christian pastor.

Anyway, I have started joining chorus group this year. One of my friends invited me there. I enjoy it a lot. Singing in English is a little bit difficult but I like singing. Music has power which encourages people to be happy.

The other new thing is Aikido, Japanese martial arts. My friend's wife invited me to the Aikido Dojo. I love it. Aikido teacher, Sensei is upright and interesting person. My Senpai is kind and interesting, too. They celebrated my birthday. The funniest night!

In addition, I could start working at the bookstore again.

Everything in my life seemed to be destroyed last November. But now, everything is getting to be settled step by step. What wonderful things God does for me!

I appreciate my friend's compassionate support, too.

In today's class, the Book of Isaiah, I learned that the idea of salvation in the Old Testament is not like going to heaven or hell something but rather it is restoration of the destructive past states.

I had already learned the meaning of the word salvation indicates "health" in Soteriology class.

Salvation is deliverance. But it's not just going to heaven.

I am feeling saved right now here.

Thanks be to God.

Christos Loufopoulos
Creative Commons