Anpanman ... Goat Meat

I had a children's class at church today. I read a Japanese children's book "Anpan-man" which is about "Red-bean Bread hero" and his friends. I also explained about the author Takashi Yanase who suffered from hunger when he was a soldier during World War II. He thought that hero was not the person who could fight against someone but the one who could share food for the hungry and the needy. He was one of a few Christians in Japan and passed away last year.

The kids were very quiet and concentrated my story. I was so impressed.

In the Anpan-man story, this hero has never killed or defeated their enemy, "Baikin-man." Rather, Anpan-man tells Baikin-man what is wrong. Primary important thing for Anpan-man is to help people. I think this is based on the idea of Christianity. Sharing red bean bread!

By the way, I had a supper with my Kenyan friends this evening. They offered goat meat. I ate goat meat for the first time! It was good and special.